Current Attacks / News
Of course, it is impossible to track every instance of America's institutional attacks on the Black man--and woman--in America, but here, we log a running sample of some of the most recent injustices inflicted upon this country's Black men.

Police-Induced Murder

The unusual shooting death--and ridiculous autopsy finding--of 22-year-old Victor White III, who died earlier this year in a police car while his hands were cuffed behind his back in Iberia Parish, Louisiana (8/26/14)

A 25-year-old Kajieme Powell shot dead after two police officers fired on him immediately upon encounter, in north St. Louis; police justify as he was armed with a knife (8/21/14)

Ferguson, Missouri officer shoots and kills 18 year-old Micheal Brown for "walking in the street" leading to several days of protest and unrest (8/9/14)

Perry Redd debates the merit of justifying Michael Brown's shooting on RT (8/18/14)

Officers Daniel Pantaleo and Justin Damico were both put on desk duty a day after the death of Eric Garner. Like Israel's Siege on Gaza, occupation breeds death; Police Commissioner Bill Bratton and Mayor de Blasio, promised a full investigation at a City Hall news conference. Please note the insightful and earnest commentary from the young brother recording the video...thank you son! (7/17/14)

After a family fight between a mother and daughter, police arrived on a domestic dispute call at the Moore, Oklahoma, theater and confronted--not Nair Rodriguez--but her husband Luis. They took him down, and after the encounter he was dead. Cell phone video taken by his wife and released this week shows the final minutes of the takedown. Nair Rodriguez accuses officers of brutality. Police say they were following protocol and used no undue force.


Charlotte, NC-Unarmed 24-year old Florida A&M University football player Jonathan Ferrell seeking help after auto accident, is shot--10 times--and killed by Officer Randall Kerrick while responding to a breaking and entering call. Ferrell was at least the sixth person to be shot by Charlotte-Mecklenburg officers since the start of 2012. Four of them have died.

18-year-old Israel Hernandez was killed when police Tasered him for allegedly resisting arrest and disobeying commands. Police say that Hernandez-Llach was painting the wall of an abandoned McDonalds around 5 a.m. Tuesday when officers confronted him. Hernandez-Llach fled on foot, cops say. When he didn't stop, Mercado allegedly shocked him in the chest with his taser gun, causing him to collapse. The teen was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead shortly afterwards. The medical examiner's office was still working to determine the cause of death as August 12th.

Federal prosecutors will review the Ramarley Graham case for civil rights violation..."[The] Criminal justice system has failed us, just as it failed the family of Trayvon Martin," Graham's mother says. Officer Richard Haste remains on modified duty after the botched February 2012 Bronx drug bust in which he pursued Graham into his family's apartment, claiming he thought Graham was armed (8/4/13)

Kendrec McDade, an unarmed teen, was shot and killed by police in Pasadena, California, in 2012, after a friend lied to police about Mr. McDade.

Hialeah, Florida police (5/11/11) shoot a Black motorist, Raymond Herisse, 16 times after firing 100 shots and hit four determination in the police investigation, no police fired as of September 2013

NYPD Officers Gun Down Black Man weilding 6-Inch Knife for Smoking Marijuana in Public...see video below (8/12/12)

Officers Chase, Beat Unarmed Honor Student Half to Death, and then are Acquitted (8/9/12)

Black Teen Handcuffed and Detained, All Because She Used Student Metro Card (8/6/12)

Angry Crowd Confront Police After Police Shooting & Killing Black Suspect (7/2412)

Metro Transit officer shoots and kills 44-Year old man in Lanham, Maryland reportedly over a woman (6/20/12)

Mother of the Baltimore County teen killed during a confrontation with an off duty cop is demanding the officer be arrested (6/25/12)

Fla. Security Guard Charged With 1st Degree Murder For Killing Unarmed Black Man (6/9/12)

Howard Morgan, Black Off-Duty Cop Shot 28 Times By White Chicago Officers, Faces 40-Year Sentencing (4/5/12)

Case of 19-Year Old Man Shot 90 Times on Freeway by Police (4/13/12)

3 Men Declared Innocent Of 1994 Dallas Robbery (4/6/12)

White Plains, NY Police Called Out on Medical Alert Shoot Dead Black Veteran, 68 (3/29/12)

NYPD chased Ramarley Graham into his home & gunned him down in the bathroom (2/7/12)

Black New Jersey Man Dies in Michigan Police Custody Under Suspicious Circumstances (9/28/11) Police Tazer and Kill Black Man on an EMS Call (8/7/11) Five New Orleans Police Officers Convicted of Killing Unarmed Residents on Danziger Bridge (8/5/11)


Police Brutality
Our unapologetic assertion is that police have a long history of creating "facts" to fit the narrative. Black men have been brutalized, assualted and demeaned on occasions too numerous to count...but we're counting. Here, are instances of brutality only revealed through the eyewitness of others, whistleblowing or video captures; we must raise our voice EACH time these types of injustices occur...for we know that police lie!

51-year old Black Woman, Marlene Pinnock, Savagely Beaten by Unnamed California Highway Patrolman for Walking On the Freeway (7/11/14)

Woman beaten by police while being held for shoplifting (woman had a love relationship with a Black man), then the police department protects the officer

Husband tries to restrain his distraught wife as she arrives at her burning house and police officer attacks and brutalizes her (10/23/12)

Black man chased down and pistol-whipped by Police Officer Who Lied Upon Investigation (9/6/12)

Twenty-year-old Ron Weekley Jr. is claiming police brutality after LAPD officers allegedly pounced on him. (8/21/12)

Black Teen Handcuffed and Detained, All Because She Used Student Metro Card (8/6/12)

Police Taser 8-Month Pregnant Woman in Parking Dispute (6/5/12)

NYPD Cops Beat 19-Year old Teen Sensleless for No reason (5/6/12)


Criminal Justice System

Oklahoma Inmate, Clayton Lockett's Execution Botched (4/29/14)

Black people are arrested for possessing marijuana at a higher rate than white people, even though marijuana use by both races is roughly the same, the American Civil Liberties Union reports in a new study. (6/4/13)

John McNeil, a black Georgia man convicted of homicide after shooting a white trespasser in 2005. McNeil's argument is that he was acting under Georgia's "castle doctrine" law, which allows anyone to use deadly force to protect his or her home or its inhabitants from violent intruders (10/19/12) Ignoring Supreme Court Ruling, Texas Executes Mentally Retarded Prisoner (8/7/12)

First-time Florida Teen Offender Gets 162-Year Sentence (7/4/12)

federal judge has reduced the damage award, but upheld a jury's finding that police use of a Taser that killed a North Carolina teenager (3/29/12)

Richard Miles finally declared free by judge in Dallas after spending 14 years in prison (2/23/12)

The Re-Newed Push to Exonerate 14-Year Old George Junius Stinney; Youngest Ever Executed (10/3/11)

Georgia Death Row Inmate Troy Davis is Executed Amidst Reasonable Doubt (9/21/11)

Ex-NBA Player Sues Restaurant for Racial Discrimination (9/12/11)

Rapper T.I. Returned to Fed Prison for Using Luxury Motor Coach (9/2/11)


Political Racism
Reporter quits job following ‘fatherless’ young black men comments...and justifies making them!(7/16/14)

A Virginia County Republican Committee Calls for 'Armed Revolution' If Pres. Obama is Re-Elected (8/20/12)

Rutland County, Vermont Republicans Apologize For Racist Facebook Post (7/16/12)

Tyrese Kicked Out of Radio Station for Speaking Against Liquor Stores in Black Communities (9/28/11)


Racially-Motivated Crimes and Other Offenses

Jacksonville, FL- 17-year old Jordan Davis shot and killed by 47-year old white male, Michael Dunn, by shooting 10 times into an SUV full of teenagers because of Dunn's disdain for teen's loud music. (11/23/12) Dearborn Heights, MI-Theodore Wafer, 54, is charged with second-degree murder, manslaughter and a related felony firearm charge in the death of black 19-year-old Renisha McBride. (11/2/13) Sanford, FLORIDA-a six-woman jury acquitted George Zimmerman of second-degree murder and of manslaughter charges in the shooting death of Black teenager, Trayvon Martin (7/13/13)

Lawsuit claims black sacker, ban from Big Sandy grocery store violated customer’s rights (8/9/12)

13-Year-Old Shot Dead By His White, 75-Year-Old Next Door Neighbor (6/5/12) Texas Woman Tells 13-Year-Old Go Cart Rider "You Don't Belong In This Neighborhood" After Jumping Curb In Her Jeep To Hit Him Head On!!! (4/4/12)

Shooter(s) in Oklahoma Deliberately Targeted Black Victims (4/7/12)

17-Year old Trayvon Martin stalked & gunned down by Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman (2/26/12)

Black Man Slashed and Racially Degraded in Hate Crime (9/9/11)

White teens kill innocent black man in hate crime caught on tape in Mississippi (8/5/11)